Graduated winter 2009 from The University of Texas at El Paso, with a split major in graphic design, professional drawing and a minor in Marketing. Acquired skills, photography, video, editing & website programming. Founded Cool Raccoon on winter of 2013.

El Ariel

A film director whose addictions and bad habits have consumed most of the budget to shoot. With little time and money to finish the movie, he treats everyone involved like his slaves. Nothing will get in his way to get what he wants.

Cool Raccoon production

Credits: Wrote and Co-Direct with Alfonso Duarte

Heaven USA

A guy who is socially unadaptable, orders himself a wife from Rusia. Once she arrives to the United Sates things are going to work just weird.

A co production of Black Diamond Market and Cool Raccoon production

Credits: Lights, gaffer

The long road to forgiveness

Cool Raccon’s second short film, The Long Road To Forgiveness. Starring: Isaac Liev, Epifania Sanchez, Trey Simmons.
Score by Oscar Daniel Segundo.
Cool Raccoon production

Credits: Director of Photography (1 of 2 days)

Region 4

A man has been trapped in jail for a long time, with no one to talk to. Shortly he will find out why he has been in a cage for so long.

Cool Raccoon production

Credits: Writer and Director

La Hermandad

It started as a documentary of a moto club from Cd Juarez. After little action was caught on camera, the director decided to follow a low profile club with only 7 memebers. After a month of shooting the last days some characters were given a script to finish the movie.

A Corral production

Credits: Direct Sound


Second participation in the 48 hr film project in Mexico City. SCI-FI. The short is about an android whose constantly going to the psychologist because, he is starting to find out he is not a real human.

A Mariachi Films & Cool Raccoon production

Credits: Script & Director

In the Darkness of the pecan groves

Video teaser for the book “In the darkness of the pecan groves” written by Isela Graells. Filmed in Mesilla NM. on November 2nd dia de los muertos 2015.

A tales from the grove production.

Credits: Director

Hay de Rojo

A man after loosing his job, he finds himself struggling to get across the border and retake his life with his girlfriend. He sees no way out however, he has a past that could help him get what he needs, fast. He will then realize that people in Juarez have the same or worst problems.

Credits: Writer, Director, Producer and Actor

Sin Luz

A Betancourt production that took place in the ex hacienda Jesus Maria, located in the mountains between the cities of Guanajuato and Leon. A couple of scenes are going to take place in White Sands NM. The short film is a thriller about a young activist who is fighting a large corporation.

Credits: Lights, Set Design, Direct Sound


A Guerrero production that is being filmed in Ciudad Juarez, mostly in abandoned buildings. It has been a real struggle shooting in places where homeless, alcoholics and drug addicts hide. The short film is about the end of times, and a “prophet” is trying to lecture the ones that are left in this world.

Credit: Director of Photography

Los Finos

A group of wealthy people were celebrating their exclusive club anniversary. Fine wine and food was served and everyone was enjoying themselves. Suddenly a “friend” arrives and an unusual problem comes up. Maybe they don’t know each other very well.

Credits: Wrote, Direct and Produced

Amalia y su cosmic Jesus hearse

When Amalia tries to fix her faults by helping a troubled girl, her world changes for the worst. Trapped in a vicious social circle, her reality seems far from being right. She must find a way to end this quick.

Omar Rodriguez productions

Credits: Data Manager, Camera Assist, Lights and as an Extra

Juana Doe

A forensic anthropologist discovers her supernatural abilities when working with unidentifiable remains of migrants.

MuviMon Productions

Credits: Key Grip

dark comedy
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